CrownBet SportShorts Episode 1

Let us tell you, thanks to CrownBet (BetEasy)’s #SportShorts series, Chunk has learnt a lot about sport. This retelling of Viv Richards by Dean Jones inspired some fantastic imagery. This was the first in a series of five animations Chunk made for CrownBet, and holds a very special place in our hearts. We are proud … Read more

Looking Sharp / Gami Chicken

Feeling a little dusty? Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Chicken and Beer to the rescue! This is the second video in the Gami series however we’re going Star Wars style – It’s the prequel!  A fun collaboration with NewMac and BFF, using the art of Brolga, Chunk was brought on to bring the … Read more

The Rusty Hook

The Rusty Hook was created for our final piece at university. It is primarily, an exploration of environments which allowed us to be exceptionally creative with parallax and colors, constructing a wonderfully diverse world for the characters as they battle for this enticing piece of technology. The sound design and music was composed by Tamara … Read more

Digtial Innovation Festival

A promo video for the 2018 Digital Innovation Festival based in Victoria. Working off their original logo, we capitalised on the colours and brought it to life with particles. Throughout all this, we strived to maintain the core concept of connection.

CrownBet SportShorts Episode 5

Even as Demons supporters, we made sure that Mark Williams and the Hawthorn team looked great. This animation marked the final animation Chunk made for CrownBet, months before they merged with William Hill to become BetEasy. Note: This version is missing the final music and sound design. We’re in the process of hunting down the … Read more

Hugger or Kisser? / Gami Chicken

Let your dates be awkward no more! Gami chicken is here to help. A fantastic Collaboration with NewMac and BFF to create this ad. Using the artwork of Brolga himself, Chunk was brought on primarily in a motion capacity to animate and add facial animation to the Chicken and Beer models. This video is the … Read more

The Wedge Season Launch 2018

To launch the Wedge’s 2018 season, Chunk dived into Cinema 4D and created their launch video. We aspired to capture the essence of each show, through colour, composition and scene elements. This was our first project utilising the beautiful 3D renderer, Octane.