Chunk Bites #02

I recently had my birthday which conveniently fell on a Saturday. So instead of heading into the office like we have been doing a lot lately on the weekends we headed out and had a delightfully relaxing day out. We started the day at the Abbotsford market to pick up some Peonies; a present from my sister from the Spring Hill Peony Farm, we also picked up a cup of the most delicious fresh orange juice on our way out.

I have a joyous love for cake and special desserts so when I found Niko’s (thank you sponsored ads in my feed) I was delighted. This was something that I’d been looking forward to for weeks. The day arrived and it was all I wanted and more. The greatest joy was the sweet little dessert I found – the Raspberry Beret; a chocolate shortcrust base, on top a beautiful shiny ball of chocolate and raspberry mousse raspberry compote, chocolate sponge, garnished with a delicately thin chocolate disc, berries and a little meringue. It looked like a beautiful 3D project. Perfectly sized, well priced, elegant and delicate, surprises inside with a delicious combination of flavours.

The rest of the day was spent shopping, dinner out and my favourite bottle of champagne (Chandon Cuvée Riche) that was enjoyed with a second dessert from Nikos.

26 is a good age, it comes with an air of confidence that feels like I’m figuring it out. I feel good about this year.


A Tasty Colour Palette:

Jonathan Lindgren caught my eye with his gorgeous BotaniClay series. His work is incredibly tactile, you can just feel the work he creates. The colour palette below comes from his short film How To Make Sushi. The video is also linked below. I highly recommend checking out all of Jonathan’s gorgeous productions on his website.


Feature Project:

Here’s one of my favourites from Jonathan’s BotaniClay creations

Something to Drool Over:

Watching Jonathan Lindgren’s How To Make Sushi though for the first time was delighted and captivated. It’s beautiful from start to finish. I felt like there were some Wes Anderson vibes throughout – the colours, the composition, the tone throughout that seemed so curiously comforting. Sure enough when looking further into it Jonathan mentions the influence Isle of Dogs had on his film. I also love the trend of making fat stubby hands for 3D animated characters. 

Current Chunk Tunes

I recently discovered Reasons Not To Die by Ryn Weaver and immediately loved it. Kind of a dramatic, angsty circus song with such a beautiful voice. Enjoy.