Chunk Bites #03

The coolest thing to happen to Chunk in a while was being featured in Frankie Magazine. It started with an article that Deakin put together, asking us about animation and our careers which was then shortened for the magazine!

It’s been super sweet getting messages from our friends and families when they find our silly picture. One of our top accomplishments for the year was getting Wednesday (our cat) published in a magazine! She’s so famous. 

Here’s a little behind the scenes with Wednesday ♥ 

A Frankie Colour Palette:

Taken from the Frankie front cover – Issue #93


A Sweet Character:

I’ve had a huge love of Ivy since discovering her on Behance. She’s the mascot for Purple Dash Design who create gorgeous branding designs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ivy -


Current Chunk Tunes:

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the end of the year? A bit dramatic? Deflated? Want to wallow in your sorrow? Well Two Slow Dancers by Mitski is the perfect song for you. It’s summer here in Australia but that’s no excuse not to turn the aircon up, shut the curtains, get a big fluffy blanket, a cup of tea and succumb to the sullen. Great paired with a few interpretive dance moves if you’ve got the energy.