Chunk Bites #04

Happy new year! We both had a wildwind of a holiday period: Two christmases, a new niece, the start of a new decade and a wedding in Adelaide. It was full of fun and family and completely void of After Effects and invoices, just what you want from a holiday.

As for 2020, we looked back to the past couple of months and thought we need to cool our engines a bit. For too long we were working well past 5:00pm, working on a multitude of projects. For the next couple of months or so, we’re going to ease up a touch and try and stick to more of a schedule. It certainly helps when you have a TV show at home you’re itching to continue, and Killing Eve is certainly itchy. 

Below is us being half blown away at Mount Lofty House for a wedding reception. The view was as grand as the wind was strong.

Inspiration for the New Year:

Look, I love gradients, so this video below by Melbourne based Vidico had already won me over. But what really stood out to me was just how light and free flowing the whole video felt. For something that covers a lot of dry material, search bars, graphs and interfaces, he somehow makes it all feel so clean and carefree.

Current Chunk Tunes:

Orla Gartland zoomed into our lives late 2019 and filled our ears with such bopping tunes. Flatline is hands down our favourite from her so far, and it’s clear why: the chorus is a banger.