Chunk Bites #05

January has been a calmer month, which was to be expected and is definitely welcomed. We’ve been working on a higher budget project with a generous timeline which has allowed us to relax and make something beautiful.  

Last year we put in so much overtime – weekends and late nights but we thrived on them, felt so productive and were proud of the progress the business was making. As much as it was rewarding we’ve decided that it’s time to cool our jets a tad so our new year’s resolution is to work normal hours. No weekends, no late nights and so far it’s been lovely. We’ve been trying to figure how to fill our weekends and one idea was a very nice walk in the Dandenong Ranges. 

A Warm & Earthy Colour Palette:

Steve Scott is a master of colour and his work is reminiscent of old classic city posters. I highly recommend checking out his other work. It’s refreshingly original and makes me smile as I see the unique and thoughtful details he includes in his work.

101 ways to live, doesn’t everyone want a moat around their house? 


A Simple Yet Well Made Explainer:

I found myself smiling while watching this creation from Plumcat Studio. So goddamn Australian even though they’re from Poland. They’ve done a fantastic job sticking to a restricted colour scheme, it has great pace and nothing too fancy when it comes to animation but every movement is refined. 

Current Chunk Tunes:

A new discovery is this fantastic retro feel song by Charlotte Gainsbourg. With disco bass, dreamy voices and cool synty strings you too will feel like putting on your leather jacket and strutting down the middle of your street. Enjoy.