Chunk Bites #06

February has seen a bit of a shift for us, as we say goodbye to our small little apartment in Collingwood and say hello to a slightly larger apartment in Doncaster. This move also means we’ve moved Chunk back home, which we’re actually thrilled about.

Back in 2018, we started to feel some cabin fever coming on inside our one bedroom apartment, as we were working the days away without much changing. This inspired us to find office space away from home to help build routine and separation between life and work. It got us dressed, fed, and even got us exercising before we could even turn on our computers.

We immediately felt better, so it is a bit curious that we’ve gone back to a home office. With a bit of self-discipline, we’ll aim to stick to that routine and get outside and breathe in that Doncaster hill as we’re walking up and down its ridiculous hills.

It’s only a few weeks now until we’ll start teaching again at Deakin, the Motion Design and VFX unit, for the third time. At the moment we’re preparing the brand for the Motion Design folio tasks and final. It’s shaping up to be our best yet, as we continue to improve and iterate each year.

A Colour Palette for The Royal:

Magdalena Koźlicka knocks it out the park with this wonderfully arranged piece while rocking a luxurious colour palette.

Then again, we might be slightly biased cause we though that oranges and purples was so good we built a brand around it. 


Making Microsoft Office Sexy:

This could be the most disgusting video of 2020, and I use that word in the most complimentary way possible. This video below made by BUCK is exceptional. It’s tactile, weighted and beyond smooth.

Current Chunk Tunes:

Blossoms have come out with a ripper new album bursting with nostalgia and classic sounds. We’re particularly fond of the album closer, Like Gravity, for it’s driving bass line and extended outro.