Chunk Bites #07

There’s something a bit special about a ladies only event, there’s a warmth in the room that you don’t get from mixed meetups, it feels like you’re part of a special club where everyone is supportive and genuinely listens to what you’re saying. It’s a much more relaxing atmosphere.

I was delighted to be invited to 
PoP’s launch event by a lovely friend who’s on the PoP (Power of Post) team.  I’ve not attended many events without Riley and found that while nervous initially, I soon felt welcomed and met so many creative ladies. I was delighted to hear about their roles and their lives, things they were juggling, things they managed and their hopes for the future of the industry. 

A broader group too than the usual animation and motion design meetups I usually attend, I met ladies who work on VFX projects, do sound design, edit, grade and so much more, it was wonderful to get a glimpse into the fantastic things we’re all creating. I’m greatly looking forward to future events and recommend all creative ladies check out PoP – I’ll see you there 🙂


A Featured Artist:

Caitylee has a great eye for colour and I have a particular fondness for this lovely illustration she created – the hair in particular has beautiful waves. 

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A Colour Palette:

Today’s palette is inspired by matteyyy_ on instagram.  Check out his gorgeous post below. It feels like an inner city school basketball court in beautifully transformed America. Not sure why that’s just my immediate vibe.   

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Mirror's Edge vibes ⏏️

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Taking a leaf out of the BluBlu:

This project is simultaneously simple yet so detailed at the same time, I love the side scrolling format and the character animation is quite lovely. Fantastic parallax – I imagine it would have taken quite some time to set up. The script itself is interesting – the introduction of the brand comes quite a bit later than you’d normally aim for however it wasn’t much of an issue as I was genuinely interested in the list of problems they introduced in the beginning. A beautiful style and colour scheme – check out the project and the creators on Behance

Current Chunk Tunes:

‘You can use my skin to bury secrets in’ – I’m a sucker for the quiet whisper of a lady’s voice telling her she’s my crowbar. Grab a blanket and a warm beverage and settle into this song, ‘I Know’ King Princess and Fiona Apple