Chunk Bites #08

A few months ago we were approached by a fellow teacher at Deakin who was putting together a public art commission for the Wagga Wagga City Council Bright Lights event. She collected tones of images from the archives and modern day and we set to putting it all together to create a piece that was then projected onto a 50 meter wall in Wagga Wagga.

Something a bit different for Chunk as we’ve recently been creating so much commercial work that something quite abstract was a nice challenge. I discovered¬†Agnes Obel’s Citizens of Glass album at this time so the entire project was created playing that on loop. It’s an amazing album – highly recommended.

Here’s the full piece:

The Inspiring Album:

This is the album mentioned above that inspired the mood of the Wagga piece. Pick a song a listen if you watch the video above!

The Facebook Post:

Wagga Wagga city council posted a quick video on their socials about it! We’d love to have seen it in person but it wasn’t an option with the developing virus.