Gasguard Live

To help explain Ampcontrol’s latest innovation, we aimed to visualise their new platform in a clean, digestible and effective manner to help explain its benefits.



Such a fantastic project we created with Good Gravy Media for WasteSense – Good Gravy took on the project management and script while we got stuck into the style, asset creation and animation. A highlight of this project was the combination of 3D assets with 2D inside of After Effects to create some really cool … Read more

CrownBet SportShorts Episode 1

Let us tell you, thanks to CrownBet (BetEasy)’s #SportShorts series, Chunk has learnt a lot about sport. This retelling of Viv Richards by Dean Jones inspired some fantastic imagery. This was the first in a series of five animations Chunk made for CrownBet, and holds a very special place in our hearts. We are proud … Read more

Looking Sharp / Gami Chicken

Feeling a little dusty? Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Chicken and Beer to the rescue! This is the second video in the Gami series however we’re going Star Wars style – It’s the prequel!  A fun collaboration with NewMac and BFF, using the art of Brolga, Chunk was brought on to bring the … Read more

The Rusty Hook

The Rusty Hook was created for our final piece at university. It is primarily, an exploration of environments which allowed us to be exceptionally creative with parallax and colors, constructing a wonderfully diverse world for the characters as they battle for this enticing piece of technology. The sound design and music was composed by Tamara … Read more

Jockey vs Jockey / BetEasy

We had the absolute pleasure of capturing the likeness of fantastic jockeys Katelyn Mallyon and Corey Brown for BetEasy’s new show, Jockey vs Jockey. After the two place their tips for five races, BetEasy would keep a live running score going on Twitter. We created 20 unique animations for each of the potential outcomes, capturing … Read more

Welcome to Prostmate

The support that Prostmate offers is so incredibly valuable that it became the focus for this animation piece. We are taken through the services available through Prostmate along with the two dots before returning to a far less lonely world.